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How to Unblock Facebook at School or Anywhere

Unblock Facebook at School
Written by Lisa Patrick

Businesses block it. Schools block it. Governments want it gone. What is this “it” I’m talking about? “It” is Facebook; the social network site that everyone loves to hate but cannot seem to stay away from. From celebrities and CEOs to the kid down the block, Facebook has captured the hearts and goings-on of millions spanning the globe. Facebook is so popular that schools, universities and corporations block its access for students and employees.

Schools and businesses alike believe that when a person accesses Facebook, their productivity drops way down. But how productive are you supposed to be during lunch or on break or when there’s a substitute who has no idea what to teach let alone how to teach it? If you have a smartphone or tablet or have access to a computer, then this article is for you. Here we will show you a few ways of how to unblock Facebook at school or work.

Proxy Sites

The best way to unblock websites like Facebook at school is through a proxy site. Many schools and businesses will block many proxy sites, but all of them. Look up a few at home and write them down. Try going to a few of them at your school or work computer. When you get one you can access, type in the Facebook URL, and you’re in. This will also work to unblock Netflix at school and to unblock websites at school as well. Here is a short list of some proxy site you can try:


Try using the Facebook mobile URL before using a proxy site. Facebook mobile, which is, will sometimes work. The only drawback of using the Facebook mobile site is the limited features you get with the mobile. But if all you’re doing is posting a status or checking your tags then, this is perfect.

VPN for Unblocking Facebook

Many times a VPN service provider will offer a free trial version of their service for you to try before you purchase it. But there are a few VPN services that are more than adequate to unblock Facebook at school. Using a VPN is much more secure than a proxy and the VPN will access the full Facebook site, not the mobile site.

You will remain completely anonymous through a VPN so no one will know what you are doing. You will find many VPNs, but our personally recommended is HideMyAss Pro.

There are many free VPNs in the industry, but one thing to be wary of with free VPN sites is how long you have a free access. Many will give you access for free for a limited time and then require you to pay for the service. The cost of the service is worth it if you want to continue to unblock Facebook at school or work but consider it first before spending your money.

Facebook IP address

This method is really one of those “facepalm” methods. Before searching for proxy sites or downloading free VPN software, try entering the IP address of Facebook in the address bar. Finding the IP address for Facebook is pretty straightforward: from a PC

  1. Go to your start menu
  2. In the search bar at the bottom of the start menu type in “cmd”
  3. Select “cmd” under “Programs”, and a black box should pop up. This is the command prompt of your computer.
  4. Next to the line C:\users\(name of the computer) type in “ping” and hit enter
  5. You should see something like this:Facebook IP address
  6. Enter the IP address in the address bar of the browser. This should get you into Facebook.

Google Translate

One way to unblock Facebook at school is to use Google Translate. Google Translate will translate any website into the language of your choice and redirect you to the site in the language you choose. Just go to Google Translate, type in and translate from “English to English”. Of course, if you speak another language besides English, you can translate it to that language as well that may increase your chances of unblocking websites.

These are just a few of the ways of how to unblock Facebook at school or anywhere. When you have some downtime, and you want to check your friend’s status, watch a video on YouTube or just unblock websites at school, this how-to guide will help you do just that.

Featured Image By User: Geralt [Public domain], via Pixabay

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