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ClickSSL Review – SSL Certificates Provider to Secure Website from Cyber Attack

ClickSSL Review
Written by Nsikan Okposin

There are several ways to assure clients of the security for their connections to your server, and getting an SSL certificate is one that you certainly would want to give attention to. A Secure Socket Layer certificate is a digital certificate that provides authentication for websites, based on the SSL technology.

The SSL technology, designed by Netscape, creates an encrypted connection for browsers requesting access to your web server. SSL ensures the privacy of all data exchanged between your web server and clients’ browsers. So if you want clients to feel free engaging in transactions and sending their credit and debit card information over your web server, then you should own an SSL certificate. If you do not, you just might lose credibility and that won’t speak well for your e-business.

You can subscribe to any recommended SSL service provider. However, this ClickSSL review takes you through why you should consider securing the services of ClickSSL for your dependable SSL services.

About ClickSSL

Based in the US, ClickSSL has made a name in the industry delivering excellent SSL services in the last 6 years. They provide different types of SSL certificates such as SAN SSL, Thawte SSL, Wildcard SSL, EV SSL, Code Signing Certificates, Business Validation, SGC Certificates, Domain Validation and even website antimalware scan, with 99.9% browser compatibility. They have some of the big names like Symantec, RapidSSL and GeoTrust listed on their client database.

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This is why you should Choose ClickSSL

Top-Notch Security

First to be highlighted in this ClickSSL review is the high level of security embedded in the different SSL certificates of ClickSSL. Their products come with 2048 bit key encryption, to ensure the best security, reliability and confidentiality.

Online Account Management

With ClickSSL, you can sign up for an online account and keep track of your transactions as you go. You can also buy, replace, renew and manage your SSL certificates via your online account.

Dependable and on-hand Customer Service

Doesn’t it suck to send multiple complaints and requests to customer care, only to wait for eternity to get any response? Well, you are spared the frustration with ClickSSL round-the-clock sales and technical support service. You can access their customer service via email, ticket and even live chat for instant responses.ClickSSL Customer Support

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Pricing in Budget

ClickSSL gives away its SSL from trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) at low prices. But don’t be fooled. The quality of their products is high up there and you will get quite a bargain purchasing their services, especially when you have to consider how much you could pay on CAs websites. Their prices depend on the number of domains you want covered, and the type of certificate. If you desire to get cover for a single domain for example, you will pay as low as $12.95 for a Rapid SSL certificate for an entire year.ClickSSL Prices

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SSL Security Seal

To help you win the confidence of your potential clients, ClickSSL provides you with an SSL Secure Site Seal. The seal beckons on clients to feel free and do transactions on your secure website.

30 days Refund Policy

Now let’s crown this ClickSSL review in style: After you purchase ClickSSL products, you are given up to 30 days to decide if you are satisfied with the services. If you decide that your expectations are not met, then you could ask and be refunded your money in full. Now can you beat that?ClickSSL Refund Policy

Make a Wise Choice

Now you know you should get an SSL Certificate for your web server. Look at it as an investment, intended to increase your customer base and add value to your business. And of course, when you think of SSL service providers, think of ClickSSL.

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